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To: UK Government

"We believe it is a moral injustice that the poorest people are on the frontline of the global climate crisis. We ask the Government to do five things to stop this crisis:

  1. Transfer its fair share of finance and technology to the vulnerable
  2. Curb overconsumption in the UK
  3. Stop fuelling fossil fuel expansion
  4. Develop renewable energy without exploiting people or environment
  5. Invest in fairly decarbonising the UK economy."

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Help us reach 5,000 signatures.

Sign the petition for climate justice

UK Government: act to STOP climate injustice.

For the world’s poorest people, climate crisis is not some abstract future threat. It’s already destroying their lives.

Our petition asks the UK Government to take 5 actions for climate justice. Please help us reach 5,000 signatures. 

 Sign your name. In God’s name.

Rose, 67, helped build an earth dam in her village, Dili in Kitui, Kenya – but after a year of extreme drought, it’s run dry. Rose and her 6 grandchildren are having to go hungry.

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